Apr 112013

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Jun 012014

Nowadays more and more people choose to wear anti radiation glasses to protect eyes, people a lot of normal vision will also choose to wear goggles radiation proof glasses eye, especially in people in radiation protection for the eyes, is to pay attention to. Although the radiation proof glasses in the market is particularly Hu search welcome, however, true and false, here together to learn about methods of identifying radiation proof glasses. Continue reading »

May 282014

Sunglasses in the travel is everybody’s favorite, when traveling also don’t have to worry about the eyes hurt, and watch the scenery you do not feel very bright, can better the imagination of the fun of travel. And with the use of sunglasses now is more and more extensive, beautiful shape is also very attractive, sunglasses are also more and more people’s favor, then, for people with myopia, myopia what to wear sunglasses? Here together to learn about. Continue reading »